Atkinson Heritage Days celebrates its rich past with an annual two-day party that offers family-oriented activities, ethnic foods, flea markets, produce from local gardens, Rolle Bolle, children's events, a parade and much much more. Overall, it's a great weekend for socializing with friends, neighbors, and visitors to the community. For many former residents, it's a time to "come home" for a family/community reunion.

Making sure that the village is prepared for these and other special events are Atkinson's mayor and six trustees who combine effectively to set policy for the village and provide oversight for the day-to-day operations in this small and vibrant community. Village water and sewer services provide an abundance of fresh, clean water and efficient waste disposal. Garbage pick-up also is offered by the village as is a recycling center.

Residents enjoy well-maintained streets including a beautifully landscaped boulevard, and improvements are ongoing, courtesy of the city's street department.